On Monday, April 11, 2022, ten Berkeley graduate students did a stellar job at showcasing their research in three-minute talks at this year’s campus Grad Slam event, making the process of selecting winners very difficult indeed.

All ten semi-finalists should be very proud of the incredible work they did in creating, revising, and presenting their talks to a broad, public audience. We were pleased to have viewers not just from Berkeley but from across the state, the nation, and even some international viewers.

Congratulations to our Berkeley Grad Slam 2022 winners!

Justin Lee headshot

Justin Lee

1st place winner, Berkeley’s Grad Slam 2022

Justin Lee’s presentation, titled Jamming the SARS-CoV-2 Copy Machine, won him the first place prize. As the Campus Grad Slam Champion, Justin Lee will now move on to compete with campus winners from the other nine UC campuses for prize money and the chance to take home the “Slammy.” 

Kimberly Burke headshot

Kimberly Burke

2nd place winner, Berkeley’s Grad Slam 2022

Kimberly Burke’s talk, Passive Resistance and Forceful De-escalation: The Structural Determinants of Police Violence, came in second.

Teena Bajaj headshot

Teena Bajaj

People's Choice winner, Berkeley’s Grad Slam 2022

The People’s Choice Award, decided upon by the audience, went to Teena Bajaj, with a presentation titled Discovering an Antiviral Drug against Papain-like Protease (PLpro) from SARS-CoV-2.

We wish to thank our distinguished panel of judges, Wendy Tokuda, Eric Stern, and Fiona Doyle, and also the many audience members who weighed in on the People’s Choice Award. Want more on Grad Slam? Learn more about the competition and watch the livestream recording.