During this fall semester, hundreds of incoming graduate students completed sexual assault/sexual violence prevention education — delivered both in-person and online — mandated by the UC Office of the President.

In-person presentations took place August 25 at the New Graduate Student Orientation (NGSO), followed by six more sessions in October and November. New students also received emails directly from our educational partner CampusClarity; those emails gave students access to the online training program called Think About It: Graduate Students.

New graduate students who have not yet completed the online training should heed reminder emails and complete the module as soon as possible. For new graduate students who missed in-person trainings in the fall, and for graduate students matriculating in spring 2016, more in-person training sessions will be offered in January 2016. Please watch for announcements of dates, times, and venues.

These trainings recognize graduate students’ unique position on campus and give tools needed for their important role in prevention of and response to sexual assault and sexual violence. New graduate students must complete both modules before enrollment begins for Fall 2016.