Wednesday, October 19, 2016
10 am – 1 pm
Alumni House

The UC Berkeley Humanities and Social Sciences Association (HSSA) invites graduate students, postdocs, visiting scholars, and visiting student researchers to help celebrate its third year anniversary. The HSSA was created in 2013 through the dedicated work of postdocs, graduate students, visiting scholars, and visiting student researchers. Your input on HSSA’s future direction is invaluable.

HSSA’s mission is to provide scholars in the humanities and social sciences with academic, career, and social development opportunities. During its three-year history, it has organized over 30 separate events. Among HSSA’s more noteworthy achievements are:

  • The first survey on the departmental integration of postdocs and visiting scholars, conducted by the HSSA at the behest of the Dean of Arts and Humanities and the Dean of Social Sciences.
  • A weekly interdisciplinary writing group that has helped scholars publish their papers in peer-review journals.
  • The first symposium on campus on crowdsourcing in the academy.
  • Workshops with editors from Princeton University Press and University of California Press on strategies for submitting a successful book proposal.
  • The fourth and fifth annual Ph.D. Colloquium co-organized with the Career Center and the Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Affairs Program.
  • The Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Teaching program, which provides scholars with a platform to develop team-taught interdisciplinary seminars at Berkeley.

Come and help HSSA celebrate these achievements, and participate in the discussion on where you want to see the HSSA go from here. Please note that registration is required as a complimentary lunch will be served.