This fall, Cal Dining is launching a never-before-offered graduate student meal plan in response to many requests from grad students.

Shawn LaPean
Shawn LaPean, the passionate head of Cal Dining, campaigning — and cooling — in Ludwig’s Fountain on Sproul Plaza (photo: Russ Curtis Photography)

The wider lesson here is “squeak that wheel.” If grad students hadn’t spoken up and asked for a plan to meet their needs, it might not have come into existence. So: points to those who requested, and points to Cal Dining for responding.

Details about the plan can be found on Cal Dining’s website.

Shawn LaPean, the executive director of Cal Dining, has issued a personal invitation:

“Hey, grad students! I am happy to announce the launch of the graduate student meal plan, designed specifically to meet your needs. This plan provides an efficient amount of meal points for coffee breaks or a quick snack in between classes. (If you’re really hungry, don’t hesitate to try one of our discounted all-you-care-to-eat meals). Our meal plans have proven to be convenient time savers for undergrads, and I hope this new plan will prove equally beneficial for your busy schedules. The new grad plan offers 220 points for the low up-front cost of $200. Additional points can be purchased at any time in increments of $50 for 55 points. And these points can be used in all 15 of our on-campus locations. I personally invite you to try our new graduate meal plan. At Cal Dining, we strive to continuously improve our services for students and value your feedback. You asked for a smaller, more flexible meal plan and I welcome additional comments and suggestions. I am looking forward to further serving you on-campus. Go Bears!”

If you’re not familiar with the surprising array of options you can find at Cal Dining, and its burgeoning not-your-parents’-dining-hall reputation, see A Growing Passion in the East Bay Monthly.