Doe Library at sunrise
Doe Library at sunrise

From the Rise of Islam through the Dawn of the Computer Age, from pop-up books and cartoons to architectural dreams that failed to materialize, the Library collections are on display now. Check out the current exhibits in campus libraries:

“Unbuilt San Francisco:  Ambition and Imagination”  (until November 8, 2013)
Wurster Hall
In many ways, the purest and most potent buildings are the ones that never came to pass: the concept that shows the desire of the moment and, in turn, shines a light on the culture in which it was born. That’s the moment being explored from a variety of perspectives in Unbuilt San Francisco: Ambition and Imagination.

“Planning with Nature:  100 Years of Landscape Architecture at UC Berkeley”  (until December 13, 2013)
Environmental Design Library, Wurster Hall
This exhibition examines the history and guiding principles of the Department of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning – innovation, social responsibility, and research – through the work of its students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Pop Up and Board Books”   (until December 31, 2013)
Education/Psychology Library, Tolman Hall

At the Edges:  A Wetlands Restoration Site”  (until December 31, 2013)
Education/Psychology Library, Tolman Hall
The photos in this exhibit, taken at the Guadalcanal Village wetlands restoration site on Mare Island, were taken where land and water intersect.

“The Rise of Islam through its Golden Age”   (until February 28, 2014)
Doe Library
This exhibit features items from the University Library collections illustrating the Islamic Golden Age.

“Dawn of the Computer Age”  (until February 15, 2014)
Moffitt Library
The new exhibit at Moffitt Library celebrates the “Dawn of the Computer Age” (the theme of this year’s “On the Same Page” ( program, and features copies of two of Alan Turing’s most influential journal articles, a Tiny Turing Machine, images and examples of early computing machines, a live view of the campus Turing Test Tournament, a video of Professor Christos Papadimitriou of the Computer Science department  explaining the significance of Turing’s work, and a brief history of personal computer hardware (PDP-8, anyone?).

“Comics, Cartoons, and Funny Papers:  The Rube Goldberg, Phil Frank, and Gus Arriola Archives at Bancroft Library” (until February 28, 2014)
Bancroft Library Gallery
View original artwork by Phil Frank (“Travels with Farley”), Rube Goldberg, Gus Arriola (“Gordo”), Dan O”Neill (“Odd Bodkins,”) among others, from the collections of The Bancroft Library.

The Berkeley Student Cooperative at 80: We Have Come a Long Way since 1933”  (until March 28, 2014)
Bancroft Library, 2nd floor corridor between Doe and Bancroft Libraries
This exhibition celebrates the 80th anniversary of the Berkeley Student cooperative, the largest student cooperative in the United States.