Graduate students writing dissertations focusing on higher education are invited to apply for membership in a research seminar to be held in 2015-16, co-sponsored by the Center for Studies in Higher Education and Social Science MATRIX.

Participants in the seminar will be called David P. Gardner Fellows. The seminar will meet seven times each semester, for two hours at lunch. A workshop in the spring will be devoted to career paths in the field of higher education.

The seminar will allow Fellows to:

  • Meet and work with colleagues in other disciplines and departments.
  • Provides opportunity for its participants to engage with work from a range of disciplines on the subject of higher education.
  • Understand contributions of different disciplinary tools.
  • Have the opportunity to present their own dissertation work, hear scholars of higher education from both on and off campus discuss their current research, and learn about careeropportunities in the field.

Upon completion of the seminar, Fellows will receive a $3,000 stipend and have the opportunity to publish work in the Research & Occasional Papers series of the Center for Studies in Higher Education.

To apply send a letter of application by May 1, 2015, to Carol Christ, Director, Center for Studies in Higher Education, identifying your department, degree program, dissertation director, and projected date of completion. Describe your dissertation topic and include a letter of endorsement from the dissertation director.

For more Information see the Center for Studies in Higher Education website.