Center for Teaching and LearningThe Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) will be training a second cohort of graduate students in assessment and evaluation in higher education. To support academic units’ efforts in examining curricular needs and effectiveness, the CTL is soliciting programs in need of a graduate student to assist faculty in creating tools and gathering data to inform program/curriculum improvement and decisions. Programs to be supported can be degree programs, minors, or certificate programs that impact undergraduate and graduate student learning and experiences at Berkeley. CTL recognizes that assessment efforts take time and resources, and this program is tailored to fulfill those needs.

The Center for Teaching and Learning will match graduate student fellows to work with programs 3 hours per week for two semesters. To support your curriculum review and improvement efforts, encourage your faculty to consider submitting a request for a graduate student to participate in and support your curriculum evaluation project. The student assigned to the project can support a variety of evidence gathering and analysis such as the following:

  • Analyze syllabi and assignments to understand how research skills are threaded across curriculum
  • Gather input from students, faculty, and other stakeholders to clarify/revise program-level student learning goals
  • Conduct student (or alumni) surveys, focus groups, or interviews to inform curriculum improvement
  • Evaluate the impact of a specific educational experience or practice on student learning in key upper-/lower-division courses
  • Review sample student performance in a capstone course and improve project requirements and assessment criteria.

Example of Past Funded Project: As part of the academic program review process, one department surveyed student opinion on the effectiveness of its undergraduate curriculum. The survey findings verified the strengths of the program (e.g., strong faculty and advising mentorship) and also opened up a dialogue on ways to make curricular and performance opportunities more accessible and inclusive of the diverse student population they serve. The student survey was made possible by the department chair and staff who were deeply engaged in the project, and was supported by a Ph.D. student in the department who was trained by the CTL staff.

The deadline for the proposal is Friday, May 8, 2015. Departments wishing to apply must identify a faculty member to mentor the graduate student as a project lead, preferably someone who is already involved in oversight of the undergraduate or graduate curriculum. To submit an assessment support request, please visit the website.

Before submitting the participation request, a senior consultant at CTL, Yukiko Watanabe is available to discuss your project’s scope and the assistance graduate students will be able to provide. The CTL can support up to seven assessment projects during an academic year.