The New York Academy of Sciences is hosting this webinar for graduate students, postdocs and young faculty.

According to an article in Inside Higher Ed, “the odds of any given Ph.D. getting a tenure-track job lie between 10 and 25 percent.” The low odds make getting a tenure-track position extremely competitive. A tenure-track faculty member wears various hats and plays the role of a fundraiser, manager, scientific innovator, teacher, mentor, leader, and sponsor. Young faculty are expected to have a holistic and well-rounded approach to research and leadership as they drive scientific innovation as well as initiate systemic changes.

During this webinar, you’ll hear from a panel of scientists on the following topics:

  1. Strategies to building our application package
  2. What skills are key as a faculty beyond being a good bench researcher?
  3. How to be an effective mentor and role model to foster an innovative intellectual pool of young scientists?

Learn how young faculty positioned themselves to successfully become a tenure-track faculty and how they have grown into the role and learned some key skills as they have transitioned into creating a culture that promotes innovation and inclusion.

To register

Join the New York Academy of Sciences through UC Berkeley’s Visiting Scholar and Postdoc Affairs Sponsored Membership page.

Then, register online for just $5.