To support instructors preparing for summer’s remote instruction, Digital Learning Services (DLS) in collaboration with Center for Teaching and Learning, have developed the following resources also available on this summer sessions webpage.

Remote Instruction Guide

Developed specifically for summer sessions instructors, this guide serves as a resource on how to use your bCourses site as your virtual classroom, develop asynchronous instructional materials, foster student-to-student interaction, and reimagine assignments and exams for a remote format. The guide is provided in bCourses as a self-enrollment course.

You can access the guide via the following link:

Remote Instruction Strategies for Instructors Virtual Workshops

This series of synchronous, virtual training sessions are being offered through May and highlight strategies for how to approach remote instruction. Using the Remote Instruction Guide as the foundation, these sessions will focus on defining the difference between asynchronous and synchronous instruction and demonstrate how to develop your bCourses site for remote instruction.

To learn more about these sessions and register for one, visit the Remote Instruction Strategies for Summer Sessions Instructors series on the AIS Upcoming Events page

Zoom Training Sessions

DLS is offering additional virtual training sessions on how to use Zoom. These sessions cover basic Zoom features such as how to schedule a meeting, how to record, and how to share recordings with students.

To sign up for one of these training sessions, visit the DLS Consultation Calendar