Photo: Brittany Hosea-Small

Golden Bear Orientation, a weeklong program for new undergraduates, will take place from Aug. 20 through Aug. 27. During that time, you’ll notice thousands of incoming undergraduate students participating in activities around campus, filling dining commons and cafés, and on Aug. 20, moving into residence halls. 

To ease congestion, campus leadership is asking campus to consider holding planning meetings, retreats, and other activities off-site that day.

If you need to be on campus that day, please note the following:

  • Bike, walk, or take public transit, if possible.
  • Campus parking will be extremely limited in most cases.
  • If you must drive to campus, factor in additional traffic congestion and commuting time (for example, thirty additional minutes each way) and be prepared to park in alternative lots away from campus, including public pay lots.

For more information, contact New Student Services staff at [email protected] or visit the New Student Services website.


Helpful link to email message sent to all parking permit holders: