Researchers in UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health are partnering with the PATH to Care Center to better understand factors that contribute to sexual harassment at UC Berkeley and in other institutions of higher education.

We invite you to assist with this effort by participating in a 1.5 hour-long research study session consisting of two parts. In the first part, you will hear about how sexual harassment can be defined and have the opportunity to pose any questions. In the second part, you will privately share in writing — using a confidential online form — stories of sexual harassment in higher education academic environments that you have either personally experienced, witnessed, or heard about from someone else. You may also describe situations in which you have participated and are concerned that you may have engaged in behaviors that could constitute sexual harassment.

All UC Berkeley faculty, staff, students, and postdocs are eligible to participate. Upon completion of the study, participants will receive a $10 electronic gift card to Peet’s Coffee.

Participants will have the option of attending an in-person or online research study session conducted at a time that is convenient. For in-person sessions, participants will be homogeneously grouped by gender, whether they are faculty, staff, students, or postdocs, and by level (e.g., associate professor, assistant professor, full professor, emeriti professor, adjunct professor, or lecturer for the faculty group, supervisory or non-supervisory for the staff group, and undergraduates or graduate students for the student group).

Sign up for the study. If you have any questions, contact the Principal Investigator, Dr. Cristina Banks.