The Institute in Critical Quantitative, Computational, & Mixed Methodologies (ICQCM) is a training institute for scholars from underrepresented backgrounds and/or scholars doing critical research on communities of color. Their mission is to advance the presence of scholars of color among those using data science methodologies, and challenge researchers to use those methods in ways that can dismantle the structural barriers to enable equity and justice for underrepresented communities, professionals, and young people.

In its first three years, ICQCM will train at least 75 underrepresented scholars in critical theoretically informed uses of quantitative and computational methodologies and their integration into mixed methods; establish a repository of knowledge about the quantification of the sociopolitical relations of race/ethnicity and its role in shaping inequality and opportunity; and, establish the nation’s first network of scholars of color who use, teach, or critique the Westernized application of these methods in research about Latina/o/x, Indigenous, and Black communities.

The first cohort of scholars, funded by the Spencer Foundation, will be a group of Ph.D. students in Summer 2020 who have completed two years of course work and are looking to enhance their quantitative and mixed methods skills in their scholarship.

To learn more about the 2020 Summer Institute and to apply, visit this website.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Institute to receive announcements, have access to critical methods scholarly resources, and participate in the Critical Methods Message Board, please complete this registration form on the institute website.