The Graduate Womxn’s Project is delighted to host the Skill Share Series this semester! Each month, a handful of our peers will be sharing their hobbies. Registration is open for our January sessions – see below:

  • Thursday, Jan 14: Origami (RSVP)

  • Saturday, Jan 16: Knitting* (RSVP)

  • Monday, Jan 18: Watercolor Lesson 1* (RSVP)

  • Thursday, Jan 21: Drawing People (RSVP)

  • Thursday, Jan 22: Intro to Sean Nos Irish Dance (RSVP)

  • Monday, Jan 25: Watercolor Lesson 2 (RSVP)

*Attendees can be reimbursed up to $10 for supplies and materials. Be sure to save your itemized receipt that has the purchaser’s name printed (i.e. ask for a printed receipt whenever you can). Reimbursement form will be sent at and after the workshop. More info on the required materials are on the registration page AND on the GWP website. 

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