Become a Member of the New York Academy of Sciences

For over 200 years the New York Academy of Sciences has helped scientists, engineers, and innovators pursue successful careers. As an Institutional Member of the Academy, UC Berkeley’s Visiting Researcher Scholar and Postdoc Affairs (VSPA) program can sponsor free memberships for all interested students, postdocs and faculty.
As an Academy Member, you will benefit from free or discounted access to:
  • Career Readiness Training: online courses, webinars, and other career resources to help you acquire the skills you’ll need to succeed in a STEM-related field.
  • Cutting Edge Content: publications, eBriefings, and webinars featuring the latest research presented at the NYAS.
  • Networking and Resume Building: opportunities to present your research, apply for Travel Fellowships or intensive leadership training, become a mentor, and connect with other Members from our global Membership network using an online Directory.
To become a member, visit this link for UC Berkeley students, postdocs and faculty.