The Earth Action Initiative conference is a community driven and collaborative approach to addressing the multidimensional, intersectional, and complex nature of climate change.

The conference is March 23rd in Pauley Ballroom at UC Berkeley to include workshops, art, food, drink, and direct action toward tackling climate change! Check out The Earth Action Initiative website to find out more, and to register for the event.

Earth Action Initiative has two major components educational workshops and the climate art experience.

  • Workshops will cover a variety of topics ranging from nuclear energy to environmental justice, and will result in a tangible, measurable action to take place during, or shortly after the conference
  • The climate art experience utilizes art and food to provide an intimate and tangible perspective on climate change. The goal is to bring together groups that may not regularly interact, as well to reinvigorate and inspire meaningful climate action.

Volunteers are needed, please fill out this form if you are interested in volunteering.