Berkeley Science Review

The Berkeley Science Review is a graduate student-run magazine that aims to highlight the groundbreaking research occurring at UC Berkeley in a wide variety of scientific disciplines, from biology to physics to computer science.

Founded in 2001 by a dedicated group of hard-working graduate student volunteers, the magazine’s aim has always been more than simply reporting on the exciting research going on across our campus; BSR strives to ensure that the articles are accessible to interested readers of any background.

BSR trains scientists and non-scientists to communicate scientific research to the public in a clear, interesting, and informative manner.

Today, BSR continues to be a volunteer-run organization, drawing from students and postdocs across campus who generously provide their skills and expertise to produce this once-a-semester snapshot of some of the exciting work happening in the labs here at UC Berkeley.

Read the web version of the Berkeley Science Review, or pick up a free print copy on campus:

  • Visit the BSR website to view the magazine in full online
  • Pick up a physical copy on campus from the yellow bins outside of Life Science Addition or Stanley Hall
  • Pick up a physical copy off campus from the yellow bins at Monterey Market or the Oakland Safeway
  • Sign up for a mail subscription and have one delivered to your door

BSR is excited to share this new issue with you!