In 2009 the Arts Research Center on campus created a new platform for faculty-student collaboration called the ARC Fellows program, in which self-nominated pairs of graduate students and faculty members would pursue projects of their own design together, funded by the program. ARC News, the publication of the center, informs us that the 2011 collaborations have borne fruit, which we all may see:  In 2011, ARC Affiliate Lyn Hejinian (English) and graduate student Christopher Patrick Miller used their time in the ARC Fellows program to conceptualize a new online publication. They are now proud to announce the launch of Floor: Poetics of Everyday Critique, which can be viewed at

Also in 2011, ARC Affiliate Ken Goldberg (Engineering/New Media) and graduate student Kris Fallon began exploring how data could be turned into poetry, using WikiLeaks as their source material. The latest iteration of the resulting project, Afghan War Report Report, can be viewed at

The 2012 collaborations are underway, and applications for 2013 will be announced during the fall semester. You can find general information about the ARC Fellows program structure on their web page l — but it’s yet to be updated for next year’s cycle.