The Arts Research Center (ARC) has announced the selection of fellows for the 2014 ARC Fellows Program for UC Berkeley graduate students and faculty. The cohort, led by Professor Mary Ann Smart (Department of Music), includes faculty and students from a wide range of disciplines, including Architecture, Art Practice, Environmental Design, Ethnic Studies, Music, and Theater, Dance & Performance Studies.

The ARC Fellows program advances interdisciplinary research in the arts at UC Berkeley, providing support for six self-nominated pairs of UC Berkeley faculty members and graduate students to work together on research projects of mutual interest.

The cohort will meet regularly during the Spring 2014 semester. Each Fellow will receive a $1,000 research grant, and each faculty-student pair will have an opportunity to present and discuss their research.

2014 ARC Fellows

  • Tria Andrews (Ethnic Studies) and Catherine Cole (Theater, Dance, & Performance Studies)
  • Joey Enos (Art Practice) and Greg Castillo (Environmental Design)
  • Anisha Gade (Architecture) and Carolyn Finney (Environmental Science, Policy, & Management)
  • Anna Goodman (Architecture) and Greig Crysler (Architecture)
  • Rama Gottfried (Music Composition) and Majel Connery (Music History)
  • Tiffany Ng (Music; Designated Emphasis in New Media) and Greg Niemeyer (Art Practice; Center for New Media)

More information about the fellows and their projects will be available on the ARC website soon.