For doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy, an Academic Progress Report (APR) is required by the Graduate Council of the Academic Senate to document the candidates’ annual assessment by their dissertation committees. The APR is designed to assist students and faculty to stay on track with advising and other supportive activities to help facilitate the completion of doctoral work in a timely manner.

The Academic Progress Report is now available to students in candidacy, and to their dissertation chairs, online through the Graduate Division’s web-based graduate student information system, GLOW.

Students in candidacy should initiate the annual process by beginning the Academic Progress Report in GLOW. Once the student in candidacy submits the form to the doctoral committee chair, the faculty member can review the submitted report, add comments, and return the report to the student for response.

Because the system does not yet automatically notify faculty when a doctoral candidate has submitted a report for review, students are encouraged to notify their dissertation chairs that faculty who log on to the GLOW website using their Calnet ID will be able to see a list of all the students in candidacy for whom they are committee chair, and whether such students have initiated a report.

Students in candidacy who are eligible for and wish to use the Doctoral Completion Fellowship must have a satisfactory Academic Progress Report completed for the most recent year.