Through Fall 2021, the Graduate Council has extended its blanket exception to the rule that all members of milestone exams must attend in person; all members can attend either fully remotely or fully in person. “Hybrid” exams, in which some members are physically present and some are remote, are not included in this exception. The Graduate Council intends to consider a permanent revision to existing policy early in Fall 2021. As during the pandemic, in Fall 2021 for each exam taking place entirely remotely, a Graduate Exception eForm will need to be submitted. 

These milestones include qualifying exams in Ph.D. programs, comprehensive exams in master’s programs, and the defense of position or field papers required in certain programs. These exams can be conducted using Zoom or similar video conferencing software following established best practices. Given the concerns about proctoring exams, this policy has been reviewed and approved by the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.

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