Students build prototypes for High Altitude Balloon Project and other projects in Jacobs Hall

An unprecedented opportunity to create a home of inclusivity

UC Berkeley is leading the nation among the largest cohorts of underrepresented minority (URM) applicants. We are more committed than ever to create a campus where students from historically underrepresented backgrounds in graduate education can form a community, get support and know they belong at Berkeley. 

With this commitment in mind, we saw a need for something new.

The Inclusive Excellence Hub

Imagine bringing our diverse community together in a vibrant, inclusive space where underrepresented students can find camaraderie and build multi-disciplinary networks of their peers. A lively, informal space where programs focused on strengthening undergraduate diversity — such as the McNair Scholars and Firebaugh Scholars — are located next to an in-house faculty advisor and graduate student mentors who can help guide students through their academic journey.

In partnership with the Division of Equity & Inclusion we have acquired a unique space in a 2-story building at 2515 Channing Way. Built in 1920, the space will be re-envisioned as the first campus-wide community hub exclusively dedicated to increasing excellence through diversity and belonging among Berkeley’s graduate students.

Future home of the Inclusive Excellence Hub

The Inclusive Excellence Hub will house innovative programs

The Hub will be home to transformational programs that attract qualified graduate and undergraduate students from underrepresented backgrounds, becoming a highly visible example of Berkeley’s mission as a beacon of opportunity for students from every background.

The Hub will host special learning communities like the Path to the Professoriate and workshops to help students build writing skills for their dissertations. The space will also be a haven of support with resident faculty mentors of color and Diversity and Community Fellows to help guide students or provide a listening ear. Graduate education pilot programs for URM students will also be hosted such as Undergraduate and transfer research programs, or registered graduate students organizations.

You Can Make This Possible

Our vision of a welcoming, multicultural space housing student groups, advisors, and small lecture areas can be fulfilled before spring of 2023 with your investment.


What do you think?

As renovations get underway to make the first phase of this project a reality in the coming months, we look forward to hearing feedback and ideas as to how this space could be of great benefit to the underrepresented graduate student community at Cal. 

Please submit ideas via our Inclusive Excellence Hub Idea Portal