Dean’s Graduate Diversity Innovation Fund

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About the Fund

The Dean’s Graduate Diversity Innovation Fund was established to support anti-racist and climate-related programs and initiatives across campus initiated by graduate students

Examples of projects related to diversity and inclusion goals that the Graduate Diversity Innovation Fund will support include but are not limited to:

  • Hosting speakers, symposia, and conferences
  • Developing and providing workshops on best practices and culturally relevant pedagogies
  • Showcasing diversity and inclusion work
  • Improving policies and procedures within departments

What to know before you apply

Students are eligible to apply as part of a campus department or a registered student organization.

The fund supports two types of awards:

  1. Deadline awards (DA) of up to $1,500, with Fall and Spring semester deadlines. Fall 2022 deadline: October 21, 2022 at 5 p.m. PST; Spring 2023 deadline: February 21, 2023 at 5 p.m. PST
  2. Rolling awards (RA) of up to $500, with applications taken throughout the academic year. 

Fund Distribution

  • If collaborating with a University department or office, funds can be distributed via chartstring. 
  • Graduate Student Organizations registered with the LEAD Center will receive a deposit to their ASUC account. To access the funds, please review the LEAD Center guidelines.

In reviewing project proposals, the selection committee will take the following into consideration:

  • Mission. Does the program align with the mission of the Office for Graduate Diversity?
  • Impact. Does the program help address an unmet need on campus? Does it provide funding for a one-time event or is it seed funding?
  • Inclusion. Does the event engage multiple communities? If not, please explain why collaboration is not appropriate. 
  • Leadership. Does the proposal demonstrate clear vision and effective organization from the proposal sponsor?
  • Planning. Does the program demonstrate clear budgeting and justification for budgeted items? 
  • Innovation. Is the program uniquely creative? Does the program/project exemplify innovative approaches to anti-racism, diversity, equity or inclusion?
  • Evaluation. How do you plan to measure impact or effectiveness? 

  1. Program / Initiative Title: 
  2. Sponsoring Individual(s):
    Include Name(s) and Campus Affiliation(s)
  3. Contact Information for Lead Sponsor:
  4. Summary of your proposal:
  5. Describe how this project supports diversity, equity and inclusion in your community:
  6. What specific goals or objectives do you have for this project/program: 
  7. Describe direct benefit(s) to students: 
  8. List any other departments or organizations collaborating on your project: 
  9. Please provide a timeline for the actions you plan to take if awarded funding, as well as any actions already taken. 
  10. Upload budget spreadsheet (template)
  11. Type of Award being requested: Deadline Award or Rolling Award?
  12. Acknowledgement: If this proposal is funded, organizers will include Office for Graduate Diversity as a sponsor in any marketing materials and can be reported in OGD materials and website.

Submit full application with the above information to: