Developing your knowledge of how people learn can help you become a more effective teacher and mentor at Berkeley. This knowledge can also be applied to a variety of career settings when you work with colleagues as part of a team or oversee and support the work and development of junior colleagues.

Steps You Can Take

Take a Workshop Offered by the GSI Teaching & Resource Center

Each semester, as part of its Workshops on Teaching, the GSI Teaching & Resource Center offers a workshop entitled “How Students Learn” to introduce graduate students to research on learning and to help them make informed teaching decisions. This workshop helps Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) consider ways to apply research-based principles to diverse learning environments.

Familiarize Yourself with Published Literature

To familiarize yourself with research on how students learn, consider doing some background reading of published literature. You might start by visiting the GSI Teaching & Resource Center’s page on how students learn. This page includes links to talks by UC Berkeley faculty on research into how students learn, and a list of core readings about how students learn.

Apply your Knowledge of How People Learn by Serving as a Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) or Acting Instructor-Graduate Student (AI-GS)

Serving as a GSI or AI-GS will help you to apply your knowledge of student learning to a real-life environment and to hone your teaching skills in the classroom. Contact the Graduate Student Affairs Officer (GSAO) in your department to learn about openings for teaching opportunities in your field. You can learn more about how to obtain GSI positions in the GSI, GSR, Reader and Tutor Guide.