How Leaders Can Foster a Culture of Learning & Wellbeing

Online via Zoom

Not only did the pandemic upend our relationship to work – most notably, where we work and how we work, but it also caused us to examine why we work, and the impact work has on our health and wellbeing. Now 4 years later, employees are continuing to reshape their relationship with work and are increasingly prioritizing agency, a sense of purpose, and opportunities for growth and development. The business case for prioritizing workplace wellbeing and employee growth cannot be overstated as the cost of unwell workers is staggering with an approximate $800 billion a year spent in the U.S. alone, and yet investments in wellness programs and L&D are not yielding their intended ROI. In this webinar, we’ll discuss a different approach that involves helping leaders create environments where everyone can grow and thrive. We will share research-based insights about how leaders have the power and responsibility to foster and cultivate workplace environments that increase employee engagement, performance, and retention. We'll also take a closer look at learning and wellbeing, examine the key elements of a learning culture, and highlight the critical role that managers and leaders play in supporting employee development.