R Data Wrangling and Manipulation: Parts 1 of 2

Online via Zoom

In this workshop, we provide practical guidance on data wrangling using R's tidyverse suite of packages. In Part 2, we cover how to wrangle messy data into tidy data. After this workshop, you will be able to: Use tidyverse functions for transforming your data to be used for visualization and analysis Identify how an "untidy" dataframe gets in the way of data visualization and analysis Use pivot_longer and pivot_wider to wrangle a dataframe into "tidy" form, and join multiple dataframes Prerequisites: D-Lab’s R Fundamentals or equivalent knowledge; previous experience with base R is assumed. Workshop Materials: https://github.com/dlab-berkeley/R-Data-Wrangling Software Requirements: Installation Instructions for R and RStudio

Python Intermediate: Parts 1 of 3

Online via Zoom

This three-part interactive workshop series is a follow-up to D-Lab’s Python Fundamentals. It covers loops and conditionals, creating your own functions, analysis and visualization in Pandas, and the workflow of a data science project. Learning Objectives After completing Python Intermediate, you will be able to: Understand and write for-loops. Understand and write if-statements. Write your own functions. Do basic operations in Pandas, including simple visualizations. Understand the basic workflow for a data science project. This workshop does not cover the following: Navigating Jupyter Notebooks, assigning variables, data types, and error messages. These are covered in Python Fundamentals. Advanced DataFrame manipulation. This is covered in Python Data Wrangling. Advanced data visualization. This is covered in Python Data Visualization. Workshop Structure Python Intermediate has 3 parts. Each of the parts takes 2 hours, and is delivered in a lecture-style coding walkthrough interrupted by challenge problems and a break. Instructors and TAs are dedicated to engaging you in the classroom and answering questions in plain language. Part 1: Control Flow and Functions Part 2: Data Analysis and Visualization Part 3: Project Prerequisites: D-Lab's Python Fundamentals (6 hours) series or equivalent introductory Python knowledge. Workshop Materials: https://github.com/dlab-berkeley/Python-Intermediate

UC Love Data Week 2024

Online via Zoom

UC Libraries and their partners are collaborating on another UC-wide “Love Data Week” from February 12-16, 2024. This will be a jam-packed week of talks, presentations, and workshops all about data! All members of the UC community are invited to attend these events to gain hands-on experience, learn about resources, and engage in discussions about data. With over 20 presentations and workshops, whether you’re working on qualitative or quantitative data, there’s plenty to choose from. ➡️ Visit the UC Love Data Week website to learn more and register for workshops.⬅️ All events are free to attend and open to any member of the UC community! Please reach out to [email protected] with questions

Finding Health Statistics and Data

Online via Zoom

Participants in this workshop will learn about some of the issues surrounding the collection of health statistics, and will also learn about authoritative sources of health statistics and data. We will look at tools that let you create custom tables of vital statistics (birth, death, etc.), disease statistics, health behavior statistics, and more. The focus will be on U.S. statistics, but sources of non-U.S. statistics will be covered as well. Whether you need a quick fact or a data set to analyze, this workshop will lead you to relevant data sources. No prior knowledge is required for this workshop. Please attend if you have any interest in health statistics and data sources. Have a laptop with you to follow along. Register here Prerequisites: None. Workshop Materials: Workshop Step by Step PDF (or DOCX) and slides (PPTX)

Brushing Off the Stress

2515 Channing Way Berkeley

Want to explore your artistic skills in a relaxing environment? Enjoy delicious fried chicken sandwiches and a dessert bar with your fellow peers? If so, please join us for this wellness-inspired event and RSVP so we can capture your attendance and order enough food!