Working with Student Writing

Online via Zoom

This workshop fulfills a requirement for the Certificate of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education. In order to receive credit for the Certificate of Teaching and Learning:  Arrive punctually and attend the entire meeting. Complete the attendance form at the end of the session (you can review your records under Event History or Path). For attendance tracking ease, we ask that you use your given name as your display name in Zoom. Register here.

Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request Workshop

Online via Zoom

Come learn about the Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request form from Financial Aid staff! Make sure to attend our Cost of Attendance Adjustment Request Workshop. Event will be held via Zoom. A zoom link will be sent to students who RSVP.

Preparing for the MS/PhD/Postdoc Career Fair

Online via Zoom

Looking for a job or internship in the private, government or nonprofit sector, but not sure how to find opportunities or best present yourself as a grad student/PhD/Postdoc? Prep for the Master/PhD Career Fair October 4th, oriented towards employers primarily interested in recruiting candidates with advanced degrees. Learn how to approach potential employers, transform your CV into a resume, and other means of interacting effectively with recruiters from the business, government, and nonprofit sectors. In addition, hundreds of companies will use On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) to search for new talent, and an increasing number are interested in graduate students and PhDs. This service is free for all graduate students and postdocs, and the Fall recruiting season begins toward the end of September. Learn more about the process, and how to use the system to your best advantage.

UC Berkeley Tanner Lecture – David Whorton on Underappreciated Evergreen Companies: Capitalism at Its Best

Banatao Auditorium, Sutardja Dai Hall, UC Berkeley

After founding four companies and working at top firms in VC and PE, Dave Whorton has spent the last 11 years exploring and developing the concept of the Evergreen company—one built to last privately over one hundred years. The Evergreen company stands in contrast to those that are being built to flip to generate wealth for a small few. Instead, Evergreen companies are being built with very long planning horizons and the commitment to share their success with their employees and their communities. In Dave’s lecture, he will share his learning journey, briefly discuss the current state of venture capital and private equity and their playbooks, and outline the opportunities, challenges, and lessons learned in creating and scaling these Evergreen companies. Dave believes that Evergreen companies represent capitalism at its best, and the highest calling for the companies of any aspiring entrepreneur who wants to make a dent in the universe. Through his talk, he will strive to bring a fresh perspective, inspiration, guidance, and hope to the alumni and students at UC Berkeley.

HeartSpeak Support Group For Undocumented Students


A weekly support space for undocumented students that centers social connection as a foundation for wellness, racial trauma-healing, and resilience. Each virtual session will offer a conversational space, coping strategies shared through collective wisdom, and beginner-level mindfulness meditation practice