Ally in bCourses: Your Key to Accessible Course Content

Online via Zoom

Ally is an integrated accessibility tool in bCourses that provides: Alternative formats of instructor-uploaded digital course content, that optimizes compatibility with mobile devices, screen readers, and other assistive technologies. Interactive guidance on how instructors can make course content more accessible Benefits for Students: Using Ally, students can convert files and course content into alternative formats such as BeeLine Reader, EPUB, Electronic Braille, Immersive Reader, PDF, HTML, MP3 (audio), and foreign language translations. Students can generate file types that work best for them without instructor assistance. In addition to helping students with disabilities, these alternative formats can help English language learners and students with diverse learning preferences (mobile, audio, larger font sizes, etc.). Benefits for Instructors: The Ally tool assigns visual indicators next to course materials, so instructors can see accessibility scores (students do not see these indicators).  Guidance is also provided on how to create more accessible course content. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to: Download alternative formats provided by Ally Interact with Ally scores and review suggested fixes Enable the Ally Course Accessibility Report Use the WYSIWYG Instructor Feedback tool Identify where to receive assistance to improve scores Attend this workshop to learn how to improve the accessibility of your bCourses content so students can better access and convert bCourses Pages and download files into multiple formats and translated versions.  During the workshop, exciting new features will be demonstrated, along with strategies to increase your accessibility scores within bCourses. ➡️ Register for this event here!⬅️

Publish Digital Books & Open Educational Resources with Pressbooks

Online via Zoom

If you're looking to self-publish work of any length and want an easy-to-use tool that offers a high degree of customization, allows flexibility with publishing formats (EPUB, PDF), and provides web-hosting options, Pressbooks may be great for you. Pressbooks is often the tool of choice for academics creating digital books, open textbooks, and open educational resources, since you can license your materials for reuse however you desire. Learn why and how to use Pressbooks for publishing your original books or course materials. You'll leave the workshop with a project already under way. Register here.

Python Data Wrangling and Manipulation with Pandas

Online via Zoom

Pandas is a Python package that provides fast, flexible, and expressive data structures designed to make working with 'relational' or 'labeled' data both easy and intuitive. It enables doing practical, real world data analysis in Python. In this workshop, we'll work with example data and go through the various steps you might need to prepare data for analysis. We will cover: Pandas data structures Loading data Subsetting and filtering Calculating summary statistics Dealing with missing values Merging data sets Creating new variables Basic plotting Exporting data Prerequisites: D-Lab’s Python Fundamentals introductory series or equivalent knowledge. GitHub Repository: Software Requirements:Installation Instructions for Python Anaconda Register: Log in via CalNet

Social Impact Opportunities: UC Berkeley

Online via Zoom

Come learn about Social Impact Opportunities at UC Berkeley! Participating Partners: Public Service Center Labor Center Student Environmental Resource Center Transfer Student Center NavCal Agenda: 4:00-4:15pm - Berkeley Career Engagement Intro & Things to Know! 4:15-4:35pm - Campus Partner Intros & Answering Questions 4:35-4:45pm - Q&A from Students 4:45-4:55pm Choose Your Break Out Room 4:55-5:00pm Close/Thank you

Career Connections: AI and Data Analytics

Blue & Gold Room 2440 Bancroft Way, Berkeley

Come explore the career possibilities found within AI industry and Data Analytics roles with our guest speakers: Qasim Iqbal: Machine Learning Engineer at Virtualitics Sophia Bai: Data Scientist at Meta Daniel Shepard: Data Analyst at Uber Yasemin Oguz: Data Scientist at Cisco Lillian Wu: Senior Consultant, Data & Analytics | FTI Consulting Kristin Moore: Technical Recruiter at Pure Storage Students of all majors are welcome! Light refreshments will be provided.