Live on Zoom: Overcoming Academic Perfectionism

Online via Zoom

Do you: Struggle to share your writing at the early stages because it’s not perfect? Find yourself devastated by criticism of your work? Beat yourself up every time the tiniest thing goes wrong? Find it difficult to celebrate other people’s success because it reminds you of your own shortcomings? If any of these things sound familiar, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re a perfectly normal perfectionist! The only problem is that the nature of the Academy is likely to exacerbate your perfectionist tendencies, as opposed to minimizing them. In this webinar, perfectionists will unite to get clear about: The causes and consequences of excessive perfectionism. The features of academic life that intensify perfectionism Strategies to identify when your perfectionism is at work, assess whether it is useful or debilitating, and adjust your standards and behavior accordingly The secret to finding real satisfaction in every step of the writing process Be sure to activate your institutional membership here and register for this event here.