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This workshop introduces the basic concepts of Deep Learning — the training and performance evaluation of large neural networks, especially for image classification, natural language processing, and time-series data. Like many other machine learning algorithms, we will use deep learning algorithms to map input data to their appropriately classified outcome labels.

You will use the R interface to Keras to become familiar with basic concepts like input and output layers, batch sizes and output dimensions, dropout rates, weight parametrization and bias, backpropagation, and loss, activation, and optimization functions. You will also gain confidence exploring more complex approaches that utilize pretrained and fine-tuned models.

Register: https://dlab.berkeley.edu/events/r-deep-learning-parts-1-2/2023-04-19

Prerequisites: D-Lab’s Intro to Machine Learning in R workshop series or equivalent introductory machine learning knowledge.

Workshop Materials: https://github.com/dlab-berkeley/R-Deep-Learning(link is external)

Software Requirements:Installation Instructions(link is external) for R and RStudio

Is RStudio Not working on your laptop?Attend the workshop anyway, we can provide you with a cloud-based solution(link is external) until you figure out the problems with your local installation.

Date & Time

April 26, 2023
9:00am - 12:00pm





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Online via Zoom


Online via Zoom