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H-1B is the principal immigration status available for persons temporarily working in professional-level jobs in the US. As an int’l student, it is critical for you to be familiar with the H-1B regulations early in your career so you can stay informed and plan ahead! We will have an immigration law attorney from Ware Immigration explain to you the definition of H-1B visa category, the application process, the cap and lottery, and factors and special cases you should take into consideration. Detailed information includes: 1. H1B visa basics: eligibility, requirements, and application process 2. The trend and current statistics about H-1B cap and lottery 3. The roles and obligations of employers in H-1B sponsorship 4. H Alternatives 5. Employers’ Misconceptions about H-1B 6. Routes to Permanent Residence Q&A will be included to answer your specific questions.

Date & Time

September 28, 2023
4:00pm - 6:00pm


Online via Zoom


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Berkeley Career Engagement (BCE)