90% of all graduate students at Berkeley receive some form of financial support. Students do not have to apply for fellowships before their admission to Berkeley, or during the admissions process.

Fellowships for Entering Students

The Graduate Division offers a variety of awards for entering students, including:

Berkeley Fellowships – awarded to outstanding applicants to doctoral programs in all fields;

Chancellor’s and Cota Robles Fellowships – awarded to exceptional applicants who also advance the Regents’ goals for diversification of the academy;

Regent’s Fellowships – awarded to exceptional applicants to doctoral programs in the humanities and social sciences who are planning a career in university teaching and research.

Specialized Endowments and Award Programs:

Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Fellowship – awarded to highly talented science and engineering doctoral students.

Rosalie M. Stern Continuing Education Award, is awarded to women in a graduate degree program who have made a significant contribution of a volunteer nature to community, state or national public interest.

Taiwan – UC Berkeley Fellowships – awarded to Taiwanese students of outstanding talent in their pursuit of doctoral study at UC Berkeley. Newly admitted students who have applied to and been approved by the Ministry of Education’s Department of International and Cross-strait Education (DICE) are eligible.

Hebei University Fellowship – awarded to graduate students from Hebei University and who plan to return to Hebei as faculty members.

Ning Fellowship – awarded to graduate students from China to broaden their knowledge and skills not only for themselves, but also for the betterment of society as a whole.

Una’s Fellowship in History – awarded to women in the pursuit of graduate study in North American or European History.

Stipends range from $18,500 to $33,500 per academic year for one to three years, in addition to departmental support years which can add at least two years of support in the form of fellowships and/or research or teaching assistantships.

  • All university awards include in-state tuition as well as health, vision, and dental care benefits.
  • Nonresident supplemental tuition is paid for U.S. citizens and permanent residents only on the first year of the fellowship, if needed.
  • For international students, nonresident supplemental tuition is included for all years of their fellowship tenure.
  • Many awards include a summer stipend and fees as well.
  • Some awards are not deferrable.
  • All awards are competitive, based on merit, and offered to doctoral students of outstanding achievement.
  • Yearly renewal of all multi-year awards is based on continued academic excellence.

To be considered, you must submit your application for admission and fellowships by the departmental deadline.

FAFSA and Eligibility for Funding

To become eligible for university funding, U.S. citizens and permanent residents must submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the FAFSA deadline. Follow the instructions in “How to Apply for Student Loans and Other Federal Student Aid” on the Financial Aid page. In addition to the FAFSA, you must complete the appropriate fellowship sections for domestic (U.S. citizens and permanent residents) or international applicants of the Graduate Application for Admission and Fellowships to be considered for University Graduate Fellowships, Departmental Block Grant Fellowships, and Diversity Fellowships.

Fellowship recipients may supplement some fellowships with a teaching or research appointment at no more than 25 percent time per semester. Contact your department about available assistantships (see Teaching & Research Opportunities).