Big Ideas graphicNow twelve years old, Big Ideas’ unique approach supports a diverse portfolio of innovators and social ventures at UC Berkeley (over 5000 graduate and undergraduate students & 1400 social ventures to date!) It is multidisciplinary — attracting engineers, social science majors, business majors, in addition to students from over 100 majors — and supports a variety of social ventures including for-profit enterprises, non-profit organizations and community-based initiatives.

The contest challenges students to step outside of their traditional university-based academic work, take a risk and use their education, passion, and skills to work on problems important to them.

Big Ideas eight categories, and offer up to $300,000 in prizes.

The top winner from last year, Tabla, was recently featured in Berkeley News for winning a Fast Company design award — you can find many more success stories like these on the Big Ideas website.

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