Fiona M. Doyle

Message from the Dean of the Graduate Division

At Berkeley, we have a shared interest in sustaining a community that is safe and affirming. Each of us plays a vital part in supporting the University’s commitment to a campus environment where all persons are free from sexual violence, assault, and harassment.

We recognize that graduate students have unique and sensitive positions on campus. You are role models to younger students, and mentors and teachers of undergraduates. You depend on productive relationships with faculty who are your advisors or supervisors. You are future professionals in training.

We want you to feel informed, in all of your roles, and empowered to utilize our campus’s resources to gain knowledge and tools that can help you prevent and respond effectively to instances of sexual violence/assault/harassment — whether such instances are directed at you or at others near you — whether on our campus or beyond.

All UC campuses are obligated to provide sexual violence/sexual harassment prevention education to graduate and professional school students (as well as to undergraduates, staff, and faculty).

Along with other elements of your graduate education that you are required to complete during your studies, this prevention and response training is mandatory — starting with incoming students. Please be sure you understand your obligation to complete both of two forms of training:

(1) the online training module (our partner Campus Clarity sends emails with a personalized link for students to access their site), and

(2) one of several in-person sessions, scheduled at the beginning of the term and at select department orientations. Students in online degree programs are exempt from this requirement.

Thank you for sharing our commitment to a safe and welcoming community where all can do their best work!

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Fiona M. Doyle
Vice Provost for Graduate Studies
Dean of the Graduate Division
Donald H. McLaughlin Professor of Mineral Engineering

All graduate and professional school students are required to complete:

(1) an online educational program — called Think About It: Graduate Students— before registering for courses.
Incoming Fall 2017 students should receive an email message from Campus Clarity on July 7th, 2017 containing a personalized link to this training (please check all your email accounts and spam folders for an email from If you cannot find your link, please write to This training must be completed before enrolling in Fall 2017 courses.


(2) an in-person training — to be completed within the first six weeks of the start of your program. 

Students in online programs are exempt from this requirement.

(Note that this online training is different from other online training requirements for students who are GSIs or other campus employees. Completion of one kind of training does not substitute for completion of any other, as each is designed specifically to address different roles and responsibilities.)

For Students Entering Fall 2017: Hour-long in-person presentations were held at New Graduate Student Orientation (NGSO) and at select department orientations. Students who have not completed the in-person training by the end of the 6th week of the fall semester will receive holds on your enrollment for Spring 2018.

To Clear a Spring 2018 Enrollment Hold: To get started, you must enroll in the bCourses site “2017-2018 SVSH Prevention Education Assignments” using this URL: Instructions for completing a written assignment can be found there.

For Students Entering Summer 2017: Due to the varied starting cycles of our summer programs, we are working with individual departments and programs to schedule these trainings as part of your orientations. We currently have scheduled trainings with the following programs:

  • Berkeley MBA for Executives
  • Master of Laws – Professional Track LLM
  • Public Affairs MPA
  • UCB-UCSF Joint Medical Program
  • UCB-UCSF Master of Translational Medicine

UC offers the training and tools you need for Sexual Violence Prevention and Response