Graduate Degrees: Ph.D.

Apply for Admission: December 1, 2017

Required Tests: GRE (general test)


The Department of History offers a PhD program in History. The program prepares the student in three selected fields of study: two fields of history (called the first field and the second field) and one field in another discipline (called the third or outside field). Students indicate their choice of the first field at the time of application to the program, and they decide upon the second and outside fields by the end of the first year of study.

The department represents a rich spectrum of research interests, collaborations, and approaches spanning 16 established fields of history: Africa, America Since 1607, Ancient Greece and Rome, Britain, Byzantine, Early Modern Europe, East Asia-China, East Asia-Japan, Jewish, Late Modern Europe, Latin America, Medieval, Middle East, Science, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. The depth and breadth of our program and the strengths of our faculty members, students, and other professionals provide an especially stimulating and congenial setting for graduate training.

While pursuing a doctorate in history, you can also earn a concurrent PhD in Medieval Studies or a designated emphasis in areas such as African American Studies; Communication, Computation, and Statistics; Critical Theory; Dutch Studies; Film Studies; Folklore; Global Metropolitan Studies; Jewish Studies; New Media; Renaissance and Early Modern Studies; Science and Technology Studies, and Women, Gender, and Sexuality.

Source: Berkeley Academic Guide

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