Health & Medical Sciences-Medical Program (joint program with UCSF)

Graduate Degrees: M.S.

Apply for Admission: February 28, 2017

Required Tests: See the UCSF admission requirements


The Health and Medical Sciences program is a five-year program leading to a master of science degree in Health and Medical Sciences from UC Berkeley and a MD from UCSF. The program’s mission is to produce academic and community leaders in American medicine through early exposure to public health disciplines, medical humanities, bioethics, and social and behavioral sciences. Berkeley awards the master’s degree upon successful completion of the first 2.5 years of work and UCSF awards the medical degree after successful completion of the remaining 2.5 years. The master’s program is coordinated with both a clinical skills curriculum and a case-based pre-clerkship science curriculum during the first 2.5 years. The master’s curriculum requires additional academic coursework as well as the researching and writing of a thesis. Students are expected to acquire mastery of the pre-clerkship sciences and scholarly expertise in a selected area of interest related to health.

Students selected for this program meet the rigorous academic requirements for entrance into both medical school and graduate school. The selection process screens for students who have a strong interest in determinants of human health and disease beyond the purely medical and who seek a collaborative small-group process for learning.

Source: Berkeley Academic Guide

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