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Step 11 Hiring Undergraduate GSIs

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Updated: August 13th, 2013

Generally, undergraduate students may not be appointed as GSRs or GSIs but they can be appointed as Readers or Tutors and are not eligible for the fee remission program (please refer to Article 11 of the UC-UAW contract).  However, if a department is unable to recruit any qualified graduate students or hire a lecturer to fill an essential GSI position then and ONLY then, the department may submit a written request of exception to Graduate Division.  In such cases exceptions are allowed for undergraduate GSI appointees but under NO circumstances can undergraduate students be appointed as GSRs.

If the department or hiring unit is in the College of Letters and Science then those units must follow the college’s procedures in hiring an undergraduate as a GSI.

Other Campus Units

If the department or hiring unit is not in College of Letters & Science then please complete the Request to Appoint Undergraduates as GSIs Form (XLS) and email it along with an explanation of why hiring an undergraduate student is necessary to

Requirements for Undergraduate GSIs:

  1. Registered in the semester in which they are teaching and remain registered through the end of the semester.
  2. Enrolled in 15 units of course work which is the ‘normal’ course load or be enrolled in the minimum number of units approved by the undergraduate’s college or school by the end of the third week of instruction (please refer to the Registrar’s site under ‘Courseload Regulations’ to view undergraduate minimum units of course load requirements,)
  3. Upper Division status when undergraduate begins teaching
  4. Overall GPA of 3.0 or higher
  5. Previously taken the course for which undergraduate is being appointed, its equivalent or a more advanced course, with a grade of A- or better.
  6. Adhere to the same criteria of eligibility required for graduate student GSIs.  If the undergraduate appointee does not speak English as a native language then they must pass the English Proficiency requirement before they can teach (please refer to the GSI Teaching & Resource Center for more information).  If they are a first time GSI, they must attend
  1. Undergraduate GSI appointees are eligible for fee remission per the UC UAW contract.  Please refer to EVCP Breslauer’s memo dated March 10, 2008 for how to award fee remission for undergraduate GSIs.
  2. Undergraduate GSI fee remissions are not paid by Graduate Division.  Again, in accordance with EVCP Breslauer’s memo dated March 10, 2008, departments are responsible for remissions associated with Undergraduate GSI Appointments.