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F4.5 Faculty Committees for Higher Degrees

Updated: April 29th, 2011

All faculty committees for higher degrees (Qualifying Examination, master’s thesis, and doctoral dissertation) are ad hoc committees acting on behalf of the Graduate Council, which delegates authority for appointing the committees to the Dean of the Graduate Division.

The role of the Head Graduate Adviser. The Head Graduate Adviser helps students to identify appropriate faculty members for the thesis committee, dissertation committee, Qualifying Examination committee, and other graduate degree committees, and then recommends the appointment of appropriate faculty members to the Graduate Division. For thesis and dissertation committees, the Head Graduate Adviser recommends three members (five members for Plan A doctoral students). Four or five members are recommended for the Qualifying Examination committee, depending on the department (see “Qualifying Examination Committee” in section F2.6). Final approval for committee appointments rests with the Dean of the Graduate Division.

Students and Head Graduate Advisers can help avoid problems with committee appointments by 1) recommending only those faculty who are members of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate and thus eligible to serve on graduate degree committees; 2) making sure that the faculty members are available and willing to serve on the committees; and 3) being aware of configuration requirements for higher degree committees and the role of the faculty member within a committee.

For information on how to request an exception, please see the “Exceptions to Policies on Committee Membership” section F5.

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