ThrivingThriving in Science is a UC Berkeley graduate student- and postdoc-led professional development program with the mission of supporting scientists-in-training as they encounter many of the difficulties and challenges that they will face throughout their career in scientific research. From failed experiments and getting scooped to dealing with stress and not burning out, the goal of Thriving in Science is to identify many of these problems and seek new skills to address them, so that student can become more engaged, resilient, and creative scientists.

Monthly professional development seminars are held with experts inside and outside of science to address these topics, and also to coordinate small peer support groups.

The Thriving in Science peer support groups match graduate students and postdocs in the science and engineering disciplines with others at similar career stages to create a professional and personal support network to seek and share advice. Each peer support group meets once every 2 to 4 weeks, for approximately an hour, to discuss current obstacles to success and potential solutions within a friendly, community-focused environment.

Thriving in Science is currently placing interested students and postdocs into peer support groups. To most effectively match people with groups, we ask that you complete the peer support group registration form. If you are currently in a peer support group and would like to be placed in a new group, we ask that you complete the form. Register by Friday, September 22, 2017.

Visit the Thriving in Science website for more information about the program, and to register.

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