grounds for science bannerGrounds for Science is a monthly Science@Cal lecture series that allows grad students and postdocs to present their research to the public. At each event, two speakers each give an interactive, 20-minute talk at Scarlet City Espresso Bar, a sci-fi themed café in Emeryville that provides an intimate atmosphere for interactive discussion.

These talks are informal, low-pressure, and big-picture, and they provide a direct means to engage in scientific discussion with a curious and enthusiastic audience of various ages, occupations, and educational backgrounds. Event organizers assist speakers with designing their talks and activities.

This is an excellent opportunity for PhD students to gain valuable experience in communicating the important concepts and goals of their field to a broad public audience. Presenters explain research going on at UC Berkeley and identify the implications that will prove both interesting and accessible to the general public.

The next event is on September 29, 2017. Interested in giving a talk at the upcoming event or a future one? Check out the Science@Cal website for more details about goals and guidelines, and email Grounds for Science with an idea for your presentation!

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