clark_logoThe Clark Foundation $10,000 “Investment in Community” Graduate Fellowship is awarded each year for exceptional local community service and academic achievement to a graduate student whose roots are in the Monterey Peninsula area and who intends to return to the area and provide leadership to the coastal communities of the Monterey Peninsula.

The award can be used to cover the ordinary costs of graduate school including tuition, books, room, and board.

Selection criteria include:

  • Enrollment in an advanced program of study
  • Potential to make a significant contribution to society in general and, in particular, the coastal communities of the Monterey Peninsula. A current or potential leadership role in the community is a primary attribute of a Clark Foundation Fellow
  • Proven commitment to volunteerism and public service
  • Demonstrated passion for community betterment and able to document a continuing philosophy toward community service for the area
  • Responsible career goals for advancement in his or her chosen field
  • Above average academic achievement

Completed applications must be received by January 31, 2017. The Fellowship will be awarded Spring 2017. Learn more at the Clark Foundation website.

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