SkyDeck is accepting cohort startup applications until September 29, 2017. SkyDeck’s mission is to commercialize discoveries born from UC Berkeley research by accelerating startup ventures to help them go to market. 

Cohort teams have a Lead Advisor, go through the 6-month Berkeley Acceleration Method (BAM) program, attend all required events, are generally present at SkyDeck, and are fully engaged members of the SkyDeck community. They have a dedicated work space and have the expectation to present at Demo Day.

Why apply?

SkyDeck takes pride in the community they foster among entrepreneurs. The open office space facilitates a culture of interaction and collaboration. SkyDeck’s unique ability to adapt to the needs of their current cohorts is crucial to helping companies launch by utilizing SkyDeck’s wide range of resources.

Some of our SkyTeams say…

“SkyDeck is a community of entrepreneurs and mentors with curiosity for the unknown, desire to positively impact the world, and ability to create real solutions. The community has challenged us to think bigger and accelerated the growth of Aura Health.” — Steve Lee, Aura Health

“Starting a company is hard but SkyDeck has made it easier. They plugged us into a network of entrepreneurs, advisors, and investors that have seen the problems we’re facing and know how to solve them. It’s like we’ve added a team of experts without having to hire anyone.” — Jessica Willis, Canopy Analytics

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