The Graduate Economics office is accepting applications for GSI and Reader positions for Summer 2017.

The GSI positions  are for Econ 100A (Intermediate Micro, 37.5% position) and Econ 100B (Intermediate Macro, 75% position), in addition to reader positions for Econ 119 (Psychology and Economics, 25%) and 136 (Financial Economics, 25%). More positions may open up at a later point in summer, so apply widely.

Priority will be given to applicants for Econ 100A who have taken Multivariate Calculus and Intermediate Microeconomics. For Econ 100B priority will be given to students who have taken Intermediate Macroeconomics.

Submit your application by Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 11:59 PM PST. Review the eligibility and requirements for these positions before applying. The application is available onlineEmail Anna Cross or the Head GSI with questions.

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