If you’ve logged into CalCentral in the past two weeks, you may have seen notifications that your fees have been assessed and you have a balance due. If you’re expecting financial aid, a fee remission, or fellowship award, find out how to make sure you can get your fees paid before the deadline.

Graduate and professional students who expect that a fee remission or a departmental fellowship will pay all or a portion of their fees have until the 5th week of instruction for those payments to credit their accounts. Students who do not pay their fees and do not withdraw prior to campus deadlines will be responsible for a portion of their fees according to the refund policy and may owe for prior access to campus services (including the Library, AC Transit Class Pass, Recreational Sports Facility, SHIP, etc.).

Disbursement of Financial Aid and Funding Awards

  • Fee and stipend awards cannot be applied to your account until you have enrolled in at least one course and been assessed fees. For deadlines and information about enrolling in courses, see this important announcement.
  • Need-based Financial Aid: If you have an official need-based financial aid offer from the Financial Aid and Scholarships (FASO) Office and have meet all eligibility criteria, including a complete file and are enrolled in at least 6 units, your aid should apply to your account in CalCentral. (Disbursements will begin August 14, 2017.)
  • Fellowship Awards: If you are expecting a fellowship to pay fees or a stipend, you should see your award on your CalCentral My Financials page. If you do not see expected awards, please contact your departmental Graduate Student Affairs Officer (GSAO) for assistance.
  • GSI/GSR Fee Remissions: If you are expecting a student appointment (e.g., GSI/GSR) to pay a partial or full fee remission, and you do not see your Fee Remission on your CalCentral My Financials page, please contact the hiring department to ensure that your employment documents are being processed.
  • Stipends or other awards: If your financial aid payments are in excess of your Fall 2017 charges, you will receive a refund of the excess payments. If you signed up for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), your refund will be deposited directly in your bank account. If not, you can pick up your refund at Cal Student Central.
  • External or Outside Awards: If you are expecting award or benefit money such as private fellowships or GI Bill benefits that may be delayed beyond the Cancel for Non-Payment Policy (CNP) fee payment deadline, please contact your departmental GSAO who can help you request an exception to the CNP policy. If granted an exception, you will not be subject to CNP and your classes will not be dropped. However, please note that you may not be eligible for campus services (e.g., ClassPass, RSF, etc.) until your fee payment is received.

Other Payment Options

  • Payment Options: Several payment options are available. You can now pay with credit card (which will incur a 2.75% convenience fee) and e-checks via CalCentral. For more information, visit the Registrar’s CNP website .
  • Emergency Loans: You can apply for a co-payable emergency loan through CalCentral beginning August 16. This loan is intended to help make a partial payment toward your Fall 2017 registration fees. The loan applies directly toward your fees and will be reflected in your student account.

Need Help?

Graduate students are advised to speak to their home departments — or their hiring departments if serving as a GSI/GSR in another department — for assistance. Additional information is available at CalCentral.

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