Hiring departments are responsible for verifying eligibility of students proposed for graduate student academic employment (GSR, GSI, AI-GS, Reader or Tutor). Hiring units that do not have access to a student’s academic records can either contact the student’s home department or request access to GLOW (GradLink-on-the-Web) in order to ascertain eligibility.

Minimum Requirements and Criteria for Appointment Eligibility:

  • Students must be registered for the entire semester for which they hold a graduate student academic appointment and must be registered by the end of the third week of classes. Current registration status can be confirmed on the Office of the Registrar’s Web site or via BearFacts.The definition of registration is:
    1. Enrolled in at least one class (separate from minimum 12 unit requirement to hold an appointment)
    2. Pay a minimum of 20% of assessed fees/tuition
    3. Have no registration blocks
  • Students must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units, unless already advanced to doctoral candidacy, by the end of the third week of classes and must maintain the minimum of 12 units for the entire semester.[1]
  • New incoming students must fulfill the Violence Prevention Education Requirement or registration could be blocked.  For more information & questions refer to the Gender Equity Resource Center, (a division of Equity & Inclusion).
  • Students on filing fee status are not eligible to hold Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) or Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) appointments. These students are eligible to be appointed as Readers and Tutors.
  • Students on “In Absentia” status, are not eligible to hold Graduate Student Instructor (GSI), Reader or Tutor appointments but could hold a Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) appointment and could be eligible for the fee remission program with a qualifying GSR appointment.
  • Minimum GPA for holding an academic appointment is 3.00.
  • Academic appointees may have no more than 2 incomplete grades in upper division or graduate courses.
  • Students must be making satisfactory degree progress, which includes meeting program benchmarks, not being on academic probation or in lapsed candidacy, and meeting goals set by the faculty.
  • All first-time ASEs must attend the New ASE Orientation sponsored by the campus’ Labor Relations Office the semester of their appointment. If the ASE fails to attend, he or she is ineligible for future appointments until this requirement is satisfied.
  • GSIs who are required to complete the English oral proficiency test must take and pass the test before they can be appointed.
  • New GSIs are required to attend the Teaching Conference for First-Time GSIs, complete the GSI Professional Standards and Ethics Online Course, and enroll in and complete a 300-level semester-long pedagogical seminar on teaching.

1 Readers and Tutors are not required to be registered and enrolled students. However, registered students who are appointed to these titles must still meet all minimum requirements by university deadlines.