Fiona M. Doyle, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division


Supporting and rewarding excellent mentoring is a Berkeley priority.

Fiona M. Doyle, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division

Competitions and Celebrations

Hear about your peers’ research — and applaud the faculty who inspire and mentor our graduate students!

Fiona M. Doyle, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division

Looking Back, Planning Ahead

While the campus marks its 150th anniversary, we’re also planning for a sound and sustainable future. And you can have your say!

Fiona M. Doyle, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division

Welcome to 2018!

Start your semester by exploring opportunities to expand your horizons and hone your skills!

Fiona M. Doyle, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division

Supporting Each Other in Difficult Times

Because disasters — whether fire, flood, or earthquake — can strike anytime, we serve ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities by being prepared.

Fiona M. Doyle

Welcome to the New Semester!

Welcome and orientation activities are underway – be sure that you and your fellow students access all that Berkeley offers!

Fiona M. Doyle

Welcome to 2017!

Professional development opportunities this semester include competing in Grad Slam for prizes and a chance to represent Berkeley at the high-profile UC-wide competition.

Fiona M. Doyle

A Time to Recharge

During the semester break, take advantage of time to have fun and connect with friends and family.

Fiona M. Doyle

Strength in Diversity

The UC Berkeley community affirms our commitment to inclusion and respect for diversity of background, experience, and approach.

Fiona M. Doyle

Expanded Housing Ahead for Berkeley Students

Your input will be sought on plans to provide campus housing to 25% of the graduate student population, among other goals proposed by the Housing Master Plan Task Force.

Fiona M. Doyle

Sadness… and Solace

In the face of tragedy, what we can do to make the world a more just and peaceful place.

Fiona M. Doyle

May Transitions

At whenever stage you are in your academic or professional career, now is a good time for reflecting, planning, and balancing!

Fiona M. Doyle

Healthy News and Fast Talk!

Expanded health insurance is ahead, the Berkeley Grad Slam is around the corner, and spring is on its way!

Fiona M. Doyle

Celebrate Multiculturalism!

Spring festivals remind me of the multicultural richness of the Berkeley campus and our surrounding area.

Fiona M. Doyle

Get Ready for the Winter Break!

Winter break offers time to refresh your rhythms, consider new resolutions, and think ahead to the new year.

Fiona M. Doyle


Pairing summer research with mentoring opportunities is a smart combination with many benefits for participating graduate students.

Fiona M. Doyle

Find Your Balance

Creating balance between academic work and personal refreshment is vital for keeping healthy and for succeeding in your goals over the long haul.

Fiona M. Doyle

Welcome to the New Academic Year!

New and continuing graduate students will have new opportunities to develop skills, prepare for diverse careers and set goals with the help of the new Graduate Professional Services (GPS) Center, launching soon.

Fiona M. Doyle

Summer Hums on Campus

The campus is humming with the excitement of more than 16,000 students here for Summer Sessions. When your paths intersect, enrich your own perspectives by taking time to meet new people from near and far, and share your Berkeley stories.

Fiona M. Doyle

Support at a Time of Tragedy

The Berkeley campus offers support to those affected by the tragic accident in the City of Berkeley.

Fiona M. Doyle

On Teaching and Mentoring

Teaching is an incredibly important part of Berkeley’s academic landscape, and this is the time of year when a variety of awards and ceremonies recognize exceptional accomplishments in teaching and mentoring.

Fiona M. Doyle

First Impressions

In my first month as the new Dean of the Graduate Division, I’ve been crisscrossing the campus, visiting the 18 schools, colleges, meeting with deans, department chairs, senior administrators, faculty, students, and staff. I’ve been doing a lot of listening . . .

fiona doyle

Welcome from Your New Dean

Happy New Year! I hope that the new semester finds you energized from the winter break, whether you spent it relaxing with family and friends, traveling, tearing down a ski slope, or doing something else that you love doing.

Rosemary Joyce

Reflections on the Fall Semester

As the Interim Dean of the Graduate Division, I have enjoyed the opportunity to deepen my involvement with various projects close to my heart. The new Dean of the Graduate Division, Fiona Doyle, Professor of Mineral Engineering, will begin her post on January 1, 2015.

Rosemary Joyce

Berkeley Fuel

Graduate education at Berkeley is fueled by many forces: great minds with a passion for discovery; a drive to approach problems in new ways to innovate new solutions, and philanthropy . . .

Rosemary Joyce

Free Speech Movement Leaves an Inspiring Legacy

Berkeley has preserved the documentary record of this extraordinary time, ensuring that future generations will be in a position to explore these events that changed the landscape of higher education in the United States.

Rosemary Joyce

Welcome to Berkeley!

For incoming students, I hope to see you at the New Graduate Student Orientation (NGSO) on Tuesday, August 26. This lively half-day event is packed with speakers and workshops tailored to help you learn about resources essential to getting oriented to campus.

Rosemary Joyce

Introducing New Leadership in the Graduate Division

For the past three years, Rosemary Joyce has served as Associate Dean. Now, she is stepping in as Interim Dean of the Graduate Division this summer and fall, while the campus conducts a search for a successor to former Dean Andrew Szeri, who has taken on a different Vice Provost role.

Andrew Szeri

Reflections on Moving On

As Andrew Szeri moves on to his new position, Vice Provost, Strategic Academic & Facilities Planning, he reflects on his time at Graduate Division. “It has been my privilege to help lead Berkeley’s efforts to support the ambitions of more than 10,000 graduate students and to help enable the world-class excellence of 100-plus programs.” said Szeri.

Andrew Szeri

Congratulations on Another Successful Semester!

Congratulations! The semester is coming to an end, as recently did the “Campaign for Berkeley.” The six year campaign successfully raised over $3 billion for the University and nearly doubled graduate fellowships.

Andrew Szeri

Campus Climate Survey Yields Results

About one-quarter of all graduate students participated in the survey, which found 79 percent of graduate students were satisfied with their academic experience at UC Berkeley. The survey is believed to be the largest study of institutional climate ever conducted.

Andrew Szeri

Staying on Top of Your Profession

Over the last year I have been thrilled to see multiple initiatives emerge to expand professional development opportunities for graduate students. One of those — organized by graduate students and postdoctoral appointees — is the second annual “Beyond Academia” Conference on February 20-21.

Andrew Szeri

Message from the Dean

Here’s good news to start the spring semester: A personalized one-stop web service — called CalCentral — has just been released to all campus constituencies.

Andrew Szeri

Message from the Dean

January will bring unprecedented change to millions of Americans as formerly uninsured and under-insured citizens gain access to new health insurance options created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as “Obamacare.” You’ll be glad to know that SHIP provides all of the ACA-mandated “essential health benefits.”

Andrew Szeri

Message from the Dean

I was glad to see some of you November 8th at the Inauguration of Nicholas B. Dirks as the 10th Chancellor of UC Berkeley. The day was one of “pomp and circumstance.”

Andrew Szeri

Staying on Track with GLOW

View your progress towards degree and check the status of various forms, petitions, and approvals, including qualifying exam results, dissertation/thesis committee constitution, advancement-to-candidacy, academic employment appointments, fellowships and awards.

Andrew Szeri

Welcome — and Welcome Back — to Berkeley!

Summer is flying by. In just a few weeks, the whirlwind of start-of-semester activities will begin. Those of you who are returning to Berkeley will be greeting your newest graduate student colleagues to your department or program and to the … Continued

Andrew Szeri

Great News for Student Parents (and Their Colleagues)

Currently registered graduate and undergraduate student parents will have access to 60 hours of emergency back-up child care at highly subsidized rates, beginning mid-August, as long as funds permit.

Graduate Students Educate Sacramento

On June 4th, a group of deans and graduate students from all UC campuses attended the Graduate Research Advocacy Day in Sacramento. They spoke with lawmakers about the value of graduate education to the State of California.

Andrew Szeri

Vote Now on ASUC Referenda

Did you know that graduate students can vote in ASUC elections, happening right now? Check out the referenda that may indeed be of considerable interest to you — and then, vote!

Andrew Szeri

Berkeley’s Stellar Performance in the Latest Rankings

While we have our own internal standards for assessing and maintaining academic quality at Berkeley, it’s been gratifying to see that highly regarded national and international measures judge that Berkeley continues to do very well — superbly, in fact.

Andrew Szeri

Help us attract more students like you

Do you know personally any students who have applied to graduate schools and are considering Berkeley among their options? Please share your insider knowledge about your program, the faculty, the courses and the research.

Andrew Szeri

Let us know your good news and ideas

Welcome back! I hope you took time during the holiday break to recharge your batteries and gain some fresh perspectives on your work and your life. As for me, my perspective was altered by a week in rural Cambodia, doing my small part to volunteer with a medical clinic …

Andrew Szeri

A Graduate Division report card, graded by you

We can always count on you to be very frank and thoughtful. We were on tenterhooks waiting for your survey answers to arrive and be compiled, and let out a big sigh of relief when we saw the results.

Andrew Szeri

Tell an undergrad about grad school

Sometimes undergraduates need an extra nudge to prompt them to consider applying to graduate school. It could come from you.

Andrew Szeri began serving as Dean of the Graduate Division on July 1st, 2007.

Two words that count: please vote!

My message this time is directed to students who hold U.S. citizenship, and it can be summed up in two words: please vote! A vital first step is registering to vote, and the deadline for that is October 22. Here’s how.

Andrew Szeri

Welcome, and welcome back, respectively!

Graduate students: whether you’re among the 3,000 newcomers or the 7,000 returnees, here are some tips worth noting, from the Graduate Dean.

SMART participants, Summer 2012

This could be the start of something big

Message from the Dean: What do the afterglow of the Big Bang and the influence of facial hair on 19th-century American presidential politics have in common? The new SMART program, being piloted this summer with graduate students mentoring undergrads in hands-on research.

Andrew Szeri

Mentoring comes of age at Berkeley

Not all aspects of a dean’s job bring smiles; it’s hardly possible to please everyone all the time.  That said, there are events during the year that irresistibly bring a smile to my face, and make a lot of people … Continued

Andrew Szeri

Think of yourself as a Primary Source

Any day you may find yourself chatting (by phone or email or Facebook or even in person) with a student who is considering coming to Berkeley.

You’re here, on the ground. You know the campus from the inside, and you have a unique kind of credibility: you’re a student now, doing the very thing your questioner is hoping to do, at one of the most desirable places in the world.

To augment your knowledge of Berkeley’s funding and more, we’ve prepared a detailed overview called Graduate Education at UC Berkeley.

Andrew Szeri

Quite a semester!

It’s been quite a semester. Classwork and research took place along with actions to support our University’s core mission and values, and to improve our campus’s operations. In local, state, and national settings, students, faculty, and staff joined to advocate passionately for investing in public education as a common good in a good society.

Our Common Commitment

Recent campus events highlight the urgency of engaging the issues of our day with intellectual rigor and conducting ourselves in ways that enable dialogue and debate without fracturing the community of which we are all part.

Andrew Szeri

Each one teach one

I’m happy to convey the Graduate Division’s heartiest congratulations to Berkeley Professor of Physics Saul Perlmutter, who early this month shared the Nobel Prize in Physics for the simultaneous discovery — with two competitor-colleagues half a world away at the Australian National University — of the accelerating expansion of the universe.

Andrew Szeri

Mainly, the Graduate Division is here for you

Now that the semester is underway, I want to be sure you’re aware of various ways the Graduate Division might be able to assist you in the coming weeks and months, particularly if you’re new to Berkeley and haven’t yet fit us into your mental map of this complex campus.

Andrew Szeri

Welcome (back) and here we go!

This summer certainly seemed to speed by. I kept busy helping with efforts to streamline our administration both in the Graduate Division and throughout campus. I enjoyed continuing to mentor the doctoral students in my lab group — and l even managed to hike in, through, and around the Alps!

Andrew Szeri

How to track your milestones

Did you know there’s a way you can see for yourself, day or night, where you stand with regard to some of the key milestones in your graduate education?

Graduate Dean Andrew Szeri

How your (academic) travel can cost you less

For many graduate students, traveling to conduct research is among the most rewarding aspects of their studies. But it can be anxiety-producing to fund the costs of travel.

Andrew Szeri began serving as Dean of the Graduate Division on July 1st, 2007.

A look behind the curtain at the GRE

The Graduate Record Examinations General Test has been a milestone for many of us in the graduate community. A revised test will debut this coming August. How will it look to your college-bound younger siblings?

Through the rough times

I welcome you heartily, if somberly, to the Spring 2011 semester at UC Berkeley.

As no doubt you’re aware from media reports, the Berkeley campus and the UC system as a whole foresee a period ahead of continued austerity. It’s realistic, if small comfort, to view our situation as part of the challenge our nation, and California, face in a time that has been labeled accurately the Great Recession.

Safeguarding your academic integrity

In conversation with some graduate students recently, they encouraged me to address an important if unpleasant subject: academic misconduct — cheating, plagiarism, fabrication, facilitation of academic dishonesty, misrepresentation in records, etc. (Some categories and examples are discussed online.) My hope is … Continued

Engaging Graduate Alumni

Graduate alumni are pursuing the most astonishing array of careers, and it’s a pleasure for Dean of the Graduate Division Andrew Szeri to interact with them, especially given their warm feelings for their alma mater—UC Berkeley.

UC Berkeley among top of recently released NRC rankings

The National Research Council’s Data Based Assessment of Research Doctorate Programs has been released. Berkeley did very well in the assessment, with illustrative rankings that put many of our programs at or near the top.

GSAOs — A Resource For Your Success

If you are a student who is new to campus — welcome! If you are filing a thesis or dissertation this month — congratulations!

Graduation season — A cause for celebration

Graduation season, like a compass, is marked with a series of degrees. But the word “graduation” seems too, well, gradual for what actually happens when the campus blossoms with academic regalia, floral (and currency!) leis, and smiling relatives from all over the planet.

Research and educational opportunities outside California

Summer is here! Maybe you’re planning to leave campus over the summer for research or other educational pursuits? If so, then my never-too-frequent admonition about travel insurance is called for. Many of you will be traveling over the summer, while … Continued

The Importance of Mentoring

Following the adoption of this ‘best practices’ document by the Academic Senate in 2006, Graduate Division sought external support to establish a mentoring award — and that effort has been successful!

2008 Mentoring Awards Announcement

We are pleased to announce the 2008 recipients of the Sarlo Distinguished Graduate Student Mentoring Awards. These awards have been made possible by a grant from the Sarlo Foundation of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund. They are administered by the Graduate Division in collaboration with the Graduate Council of the Academic Senate.