Index/Table of Contents for Graduate Appointments Handbook 2017

General Information


Searching for Appointments


Appointment Eligibility


Step Levels and Salary Scales for ASEs

GSI Appointments

Step descriptions

GSI Restrictions

GSI Salaries


Reader Appointments

Reader Qualifications

Registered Students

Non-registered students

Reader Restrictions

Reader Salaries


Tutor Appointments

Tutor Qualifications

Registered Students

Non-registered students

Tutor Restrictions

Tutor Salaries


Acting Instructor-Graduate Student Appointments

AI-GS Qualifications

AI-GS Restrictions

AI-GS Salaries


Preparing AI-GS Case Submissions

Qualifications for AI-GS appointee

Required materials to request AI-GS

Grad Div AI-GS Case Submission deadlines


Letters of Appointment


ASE Hiring Guidelines


Requirements for All First Time ASEs


Requirements for First Time GSIs


Requirements for First-Time International GSIs


Step Level and Salary Scales for GSR and GSAR Appointments

GSR and GSAR salaries


LBNL GSRA Appointments


Payroll and Timesheets

Effort reporting

Hourly time reporting


Late start appointments


International students on F-1 or J-1 visas


Undocumented students/qualifying for employment


Undergraduate GSIs


Exceptions to Policy

Requests for exceptions for HGA approval

Requests for exceptions for Grad Div approval


Academic Overlap and GSI appointment dates


Absences and Leaves

Resources for ASEs going on parental leave

Paid and Unpaid Leaves of Absence for Fee Remission Eligible Appointments




ASEs (especially GSIs)


DCP/Safe Harbor Deductions


Fee Remissions


Fee Assessment and Remission

Registration and Enrollment Requirements

SHIP Fee Remission

UGSI Fee Remissions

Combining Academic Student Appointments

170 Hour Rule: Workload versus Fee Remission Eligibility

Decoupling Fee Remission from Salary Fund Source

GSR Title Code 3266


Priority List of Awards and Fee Remission

Collections Process for Fee Remissions

UC Intercampus Fee Remissions


Retroactive Fee Remission Processing


Grievance Procedures